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Imagine the good times enjoyed doing Canada Bethel Tours, New York Bethel Tours, and other Watchtower branch tours from around the world, with fellow Jehovah’s Witnesses, in the comfort of a charter bus, and under the loving guidance of an experienced tour guide. Lasting friendships are sure to be made, and of course, an increased appreciation for Jehovah’s Organization and the beauty of His creations.

Bring the entire family and friends. Each day on bus trips, share stories, and watch movies in a controlled atmosphere, the Watchtower Study and School during the trip with everyone having opportunity to share.

Current Bethel trips include, Mexico, Canada, New York, London, Paris, Rome, Germany, and from the land down under, Australia. There are even Cruises available.

There are a number of bus Tours available visiting such popular cities as Toronto, and New York. Tours also incorporate the must see sights of Washington and others. All itineraries are designed with a good balance of leisure time.

For example, close to Toronto is Georgetown for the Canada Bethel Tours, then it’s off to Niagara for the sights and thunderous sounds of the mighty Niagara Falls. If you don’t mind getting wet, do a cruise on “The Maid of the Mist” and almost touch the falls. Afterwards, enjoy the view of the falls at night.

Washington or direct to Pine Bush and the Watchtower Farm. Washington is a full day with visits such as the Smithsonian Institute’s Art Galaxy and “Outer Space”. See the White House and all the sights. An eye opening visit to the Holocaust Museum. Learn how our Brothers and Sisters lived through the horror of the Nazi Rule.

New York affords you the opportunity to enjoy yet another cruise to see the Statue of Liberty. You will have plenty of leisure time here to tour the city, and maybe even take in a Broadway Show. Shop at Macy’s, Sacks, and other stores on famous streets, such as Fifth Avenue. If you like, go to the top of Empire State Building.]

In visiting Jehovah’s Organization through the facilities of Jehovah’s Witnesses, see and learn how the books are made and how the brotherhood is cared for. Visit the Factory, Offices, and Shipping departments. Visit and meet Brothers and Sisters from all over the World. Visit the Stanley Theatre Assembly Hall with all its wonderful restorations. Visit the Watchtower Farm. There’s plenty to see and do.

Also visit the fabulous “Patterson Education Complex”.

  • Safety of travelers is high priority for tour operators. Many international tour operators recommend tourists to procure travel medical insurance like that offered on http// to cover risks and unforseen situations. The overall risks on these tours are quite low but accidents can happen.