Bethel – A popular winter holiday destination

This little charming town of Bethel – Maine – is looked at as a popular winter holiday destination by skiers and enthusiastic snowboarders desiring to strike at the slopes, although this little mountain town of New England serves as a year-round fun filled holiday place. Bethel has a lot more to offer to its visitors apart from the amazing ski resorts – that are indeed the perfect haven to those looking for a ski-trip with family. Besides the ski resorts, there are a lot of local business set ups that arrange snow shoeing trips, snow adventure trips, tube rides and cross country skiing services.

The beautiful mountains offer up as ski places, hence fun and activity at Bethel off course does not melt away after snow fall and winter is done with. The town is packed with various other year round outdoor activities that include fishing and hunting trips offered by registered full service agencies, cycling adventure trips – that let you experience the breathtaking mountains, Whitewater rafting, guided boat trips – with canoes, kayaks and a variety of other boats that are rented to tourists along with the guides. The natural environment and the mountain set up gives opportunity for mountain climbing and hiking trips. Visitors can also choose to peacefully camp at scenic campgrounds in Bethel.

You can enjoy some small town shopping in Bethel with an array of boutiques and small shops that display and sell everything right from small knick knack, souvenirs to handcrafted garments and fancy jewelry. You will find different restaurant options to choose among – taverns, pubs and lavish dining restaurants. With hotels, resorts, timeshares and condos – this town offers its visitors a wide option of accommodation as well. Whether you plan a trip to Bethel with your friends or family – There is always something out here for everyone all year through.

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