Bethel Park

Bethel Park is located in Pennsylvania, United States. It is a home rule municipality located in Allegheny County. Though the name is given as Bethel Park, it is actually a small town in this beautiful state. The town provides different types of leisure activities for both the local residents as well as foreign tourists. Let us discuss a few of them –

1- Recreational activities – This town provides various leisure and recreation activities for the local residents of Bethel. Some of the activities which the local residents are keenly interested are karate, swimming lessons, art lessons, ballroom dancing classes etc. All these activities are conducted by the Municipality for a very nominal fee that is charged for the applicants.

2- High School – The high school located in Bethel Park has about 2,000 students who are studying in grade 9 to grade 12 and this school is listed among one of the biggest schools in Pennsylvania. The school consists of a total of 8 buildings on an area covering a distance of 80 acres.

3- South Hills Village – This is a two level shopping mall completely enclosed. This mall is located in Pittsburg suburbs. There are a total of around 130 specialty stores included in the mall and hence any visitor traveling to this mall will not end up getting bored.

The highest peak at Bethel Park is known as the Rocky Ridge which is located in the southwestern part of the municipality. It is situated 1,370 feet above sea level. The town also has five parks which are very famous. These parks are known as Village Green Park, Simmons Park, Peter Page Park, Tree Park and Millennium Park. The millennium park itself covers an entire area of about 40 acres. And that is exactly the reason why Bethel Park is famous for.

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