Bethel – a heaven on earth

Bethel or the “House of God”, was a border city described in the Hebrew Bible as being located between Benjamin and Ephraim.
Eusebius of Caesarea and Jerome describe it in their time as a small village that lay 12 Roman miles north of Jerusalem, to the right or east of the road leading to Neapolis.
Ten years after the Six Day War, the biblical name was applied to an Israeli settlement Beit El constructed adjacent to Beitin. In several countries – particularly in the US – the name was given in various locations
Bethel is mentioned several times in Genesis.
It is first mentioned in Genesis 12, but the best-known instance is probably Genesis 28, when Jacob, fleeing from the wrath of his brother Esau, falls asleep on a stone and dreams of a ladder stretching between Heaven and Earth and thronged with angels; God stands at the top of the ladder, and promises Jacob the land of Canaan; when Jacob awakes he anoints the stone (baetylus) with oil and names the place Bethel.
Another account, from Genesis 35 repeats the covenant with God and the naming of the place (as El-Bethel), and makes this the site of Jacob’s own change of name to Israel. Both versionstates that the original name of the place was Luz, a Canaanite name.
Bethel was again inhabited and “fortified by Bacchides the Syrian in the time of the Maccabees.”
Josephus tells us that Bethel was captured by Vespasian. Robinson notes that after the writings of Eusebius and Jerome, he found no further references to Bethel in the written historical record.
However, he notes that the ruins at Beitin are greater than those of a village and seem to have undergone expansion after the time of Jerome, noting also the presence of what appear to be the ruins of churches from the Middle Ages.
Bethel is a must to visit place, as witnessed by many.

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Things to do on your thrilling bethel tour

The world has beautiful attractions all around. You want to visit these areas and plan a thrilling and fun filled trip. Bethel is a marvelous resort area which has a lot attractions and tourism activities. Nearby areas of the Bethel are covered with mountains and ski resorts. You can enjoy an exciting hiking activity and winter sports.
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• Animals and wildlife in the area are common attractions for the tourists. They came here with families and enjoy watching different activities of the animals and a number of birds.
• Shop around in the quaint shops which are filled with hundreds of accessories for the travelers and local citizens. You also have an opportunity to enjoy the biking facility for moving around in the streets.
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• At the seaside fishing is also a popular activity. Few tourists only visit this location for enjoying hunting and fishing. You can also enjoy water sports in the sea.
• Theaters and museums represent the remarkable history and enriched culture. You will enjoy your bethel tour after visiting all these attractions.

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Frequenty asked questions by travelers planning to visit Bethel

Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions by those planning a tour to Bethel. Why choose Bethel as a tour destination? A town that can offer you all the comforts without any of the crowds, Bethel – offers world class recreation and amenities but the town is never too crowded. A great travel destination for those who wish to stay away from crowded tourist destinations. Bethel is a place where one can truly unwind and relax.
Where exactly is Bethel located? Bethel is a town in western Maine and is 70 miles away from the northwest region of Poland. How to get to Bethel? Most visitors visiting from nearby towns drive down in vehicles, driving to Bethel is not just the easiest but also the most convenient way. For others, who need to fly across, some of the convenient airports are Portland International Airport, Manchester New Hampshire Airport and Boston Logan International Airport.
Where to stay when in Bethel? One can choose to stay in the village of Bethel or nearby outside the village. The slope side, waterfront, mountain setting, snowmobile trail are some locations where one can choose to stay. What is the type of accommodation available to stay in Bethel? There are resorts, hotels, vacation rental houses/apartments, inns-that offer bed and breakfast, condos, cabins, hostels, dorms, campgrounds, slope side rentals, waterfront rentals etc. What can one do when in Bethel? Bethel serves as an all season destination where one can just laze and relax or choose to explore the adventure leisure activities that the town has to offer. Where can one experience the art and culture of Bethel? Bethel area offers a number of museums, art galleries, cultural organizations and a lot more where one can get a peak of the art, craft and culture of the town.

Things you can get your hands on when on a tour in Bethel

Bethel is a place you can visit all year through, so whatever the time or season of the year you choose for your vacation to Maine make sure you plan a visit to Bethel – The most scenic mountain village which is situated in the western region of Maine spread across the mesmerizing Mahoosuc mountains and the breathtaking Androscoggin river valley.

In fact it is considered as a leading all season recreational destination. With a lot of people investing in property in Bethel which is gaining popularity as a second home destination and a place for retirement housing.

The best thing about Bethel is that is offers visitors all the comforts minus the crowds. A holiday place where one can just lay back and relax or enjoy some really adventurous outdoor activities, attend exciting live performances and community events or just head shopping.

There is a whole lot to see and do when in Bethel right from historic monuments and building, animals and wildlife sanctuaries, fishing and hunting, camping and water sport leisure activities the place has it all centered around everything outdoors. The options are galore – There are chairlift rides, sleigh rides, walking trails, dog sledding trips, hunting trips, driving tours, rock hounding, then there is motor biking, horse riding, gliding – the list just goes on and on. For those crazy about water sport and snow sport activities there is canoeing, kayaking, skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobile rentals, tubing, ice skating, boat rentals, fishing trips, swimming, waterslides, whitewater rafting etc. For those who wish to enjoy a vacation closer to nature there are camping grounds and even special camps arranged for children. Besides there are golf courses, tennis courts, recreation centers, theatres – movies and live stage shows and casinos, with so much activity around the place you can indeed look forward to an exciting vacation in Bethel.

Bethel – A popular winter holiday destination

This little charming town of Bethel – Maine – is looked at as a popular winter holiday destination by skiers and enthusiastic snowboarders desiring to strike at the slopes, although this little mountain town of New England serves as a year-round fun filled holiday place. Bethel has a lot more to offer to its visitors apart from the amazing ski resorts – that are indeed the perfect haven to those looking for a ski-trip with family. Besides the ski resorts, there are a lot of local business set ups that arrange snow shoeing trips, snow adventure trips, tube rides and cross country skiing services.

The beautiful mountains offer up as ski places, hence fun and activity at Bethel off course does not melt away after snow fall and winter is done with. The town is packed with various other year round outdoor activities that include fishing and hunting trips offered by registered full service agencies, cycling adventure trips – that let you experience the breathtaking mountains, Whitewater rafting, guided boat trips – with canoes, kayaks and a variety of other boats that are rented to tourists along with the guides. The natural environment and the mountain set up gives opportunity for mountain climbing and hiking trips. Visitors can also choose to peacefully camp at scenic campgrounds in Bethel.

You can enjoy some small town shopping in Bethel with an array of boutiques and small shops that display and sell everything right from small knick knack, souvenirs to handcrafted garments and fancy jewelry. You will find different restaurant options to choose among – taverns, pubs and lavish dining restaurants. With hotels, resorts, timeshares and condos – this town offers its visitors a wide option of accommodation as well. Whether you plan a trip to Bethel with your friends or family – There is always something out here for everyone all year through.

Who Invented Bethel?

Bethel means ‘House of God’. It is a small village that is located about 12 Roman miles towards the northern side of Jerusalem. Bethel was founded by Edward Robinson. He was also known as the ‘Father of Biblical Geography.’

Edward was born on April 10th, 1794 at Southington, Connecticut. He attended the Hamilton College, Clinton in New York. His uncle Seth Norton was the professor of this college. Edward graduated from the college in the year 1816 when he was 22 years of age. He married Theresa Albertine Luise Robinson in the year 1828. He died in the year 1863.

If you ever go through the ‘Book Of Genesis’ you will come across the word Bethel several times with it. This word was first disclosed in Genesis 12. But most of the youth today might have read this word in ‘Genesis 28.’ In Genesis 28 we might have read the story where Jacob who was trying to flee from his brother Esau fell asleep on a stone. While he was asleep, he begins to dream about a long ladder that is being stretched from heaven to Earth. He also dreamt about seeing many angels being gathered by his side. He later saw God standing at one end of the ladder leading to Heaven and God assures Jacob that he will receive the Land of Canaan. Jacob suddenly wakes up and then anoints the stone with holy oil as it was the place where he got such a wonderful dream. He eventually names this place ‘Bethel’.

There are many more stories related to the foundation of this beautiful village Bethel. There are also stories about members of 8 Norwalk who used to walk through the area (which is today called Danbury) somewhere during the summer period in the year 1684. Well, all what we know is that Bethel is known as ‘House of God’.

Bethel in New York

There is a small town in Sullivan County located in New York City known as Bethel. The town has a very small population of less than 5,000 inhabitants. This beautiful town started getting fame after it hosted the ‘Woodstock Festival’ in the year 1969. This festival was actually planned for Wallkill town, but later changed to Bethel when Wallkill town withdrew from hosting the Woodstock Festival.

It is said that the first inhabitants of Bethel began in the year 1795 which is about more than two centuries in the past. The town was officially named Bethel in the year 1809. Previously, this town was known to be called as ‘Town of Lumber land.’

During the mid 19th century, tourism in the Bethel town began to grow. Many hotels slowly began to be constructed including a number of sleep away camps such as Camp Ma-Ho-Ge, Camp Ranger, Camp Chipinaw etc. The official colors of these camps were Red and Gray.

Though the population was less than 5,000 inhabitants, in the year 1969 the town gained world’s attention when more than 500,000 people from across the globe came to Max Yasgur’s farm to attend the ‘3 days of Peace and Music.’ Max Yasgur had a dairy farm in Bethel and it was on this farm that the fair took place. He is said to have rented out his farm for $50,000 during that time. The total area of the farm was 2.4 square kilometers. There were lots of mixed reactions when Max rented out his farm as the locals disagreed to the number of visitors visiting their small town.

Today, Bethel town is said to have a total area of 233 square kilometers. Out of this, 221 square kilometers are filled with land while the remaining 12 square kilometers are filled with water. There are some beautiful scenic lakes in Bethel which you must not miss out during your visit to this beautiful city.

Bethel Tours

Bethel was initially known as Brandon. Initially Bethel was just like any other normal crossroads village but since the introduction of a railroad across the village, things began to change completely and the village began to rise as one of the leading towns located in Pitt County.

It was in the year 1774 that the railroad was constructed. The routes were Martins Borough (which is today known as Greenville) to Halifax. During the same period another road was built which commenced from Tarboro and ended at Williamston. With the introduction of the two railroads, it took a crossroad within the upper allocation of Pitt County.

With the launch of these railroads, there was a substantial increase in the number of people traveling to Bethel. It was at this very place that in the year 1776, the Flat Swamp Primitive Baptist Church was built which was about 4 miles from the east of the crossroads. Another church known as Methodist Episcopal Church was built in the year 1814, about 38 years after the Flat Swamp Primitive Baptist Church was built.

In the year 1840, a person by name Oliver Spain started the very first store in this beautiful village. This particular store served as a muster area and a voting place in their local militia. Soon after, in the year 1858, the village got their first post office which was named as ‘Bethel Post Office.’ The postmaster of this Post Office was David W. Stokes. By 1866, Fernando C. James became the first doctor in the village to begin practicing. It was in the year 1873 that the Town of Bethel was organized. By the year 1883, the village of Bethel had about 200 inhabitants living there. The village had about 10 merchandise stores, 1 steam sawmills, a dancing school, 1 coach making shop etc.