Bethel Park

Bethel Park is located in Pennsylvania, United States. It is a home rule municipality located in Allegheny County. Though the name is given as Bethel Park, it is actually a small town in this beautiful state. The town provides different types of leisure activities for both the local residents as well as foreign tourists. Let us discuss a few of them –

1- Recreational activities – This town provides various leisure and recreation activities for the local residents of Bethel. Some of the activities which the local residents are keenly interested are karate, swimming lessons, art lessons, ballroom dancing classes etc. All these activities are conducted by the Municipality for a very nominal fee that is charged for the applicants.

2- High School – The high school located in Bethel Park has about 2,000 students who are studying in grade 9 to grade 12 and this school is listed among one of the biggest schools in Pennsylvania. The school consists of a total of 8 buildings on an area covering a distance of 80 acres.

3- South Hills Village – This is a two level shopping mall completely enclosed. This mall is located in Pittsburg suburbs. There are a total of around 130 specialty stores included in the mall and hence any visitor traveling to this mall will not end up getting bored.

The highest peak at Bethel Park is known as the Rocky Ridge which is located in the southwestern part of the municipality. It is situated 1,370 feet above sea level. The town also has five parks which are very famous. These parks are known as Village Green Park, Simmons Park, Peter Page Park, Tree Park and Millennium Park. The millennium park itself covers an entire area of about 40 acres. And that is exactly the reason why Bethel Park is famous for.

Bethel – House of God

Most of us just like me might be wondering whether God really had a home to stay. If at all God had a home, how did it look like? How was the drawing room, kitchen, bedroom etc? Surely, without any doubts we can believe that the house of God will be very huge, bright and complete with splendor without anything lacking. When we look in the Bible, there is a phrase called ‘House of God’. It is known to be found at least 60 times in the Bible, all of it in the Old Testament (OT).

When we say Bethel, it actually means House of God. The word first occurs in the Bible which is found in Genesis 12:8, when Abram hooked his tent and called it the name of the Lord – the God of Glory. Two generations later, we have seen Jacob using a large stone as a pillow to lie down. In his sleep, he dreamt of a ladder with angels that go up to the God. When Jacob woke up, he took oil, poured it on the stone and again named it ‘House of God’ as he felt the stone was holy.

In the Old Testament, you will also find Samuel using the word Bethel as one of the main towns when he visited Israel. But there is no mention of the word Bethel in the New Testament (NT). But yes, we have our great Jesus Christ, who himself was the living House of God as mentioned by his Apostle John written in John 1:14.

According to scripture, he was known to be the stone that was anointed with oil by Jacob. When you read the Bible, it is mentioned that Olive Oil signifies the Holy Spirit. You can read regarding his anointing in Hebrews 1:9, Peter 2:4/8, Luke 3:22, Romans 9:31-33 and Acts 10:38.

Bethel, Oxford Hills – A place you must not fail to visit

If ever you are planning to make a trip to the United States, you should visit to the city of Bethel, located in Oxford Hills. This is one of the beautiful cities amidst the mountainous region.

The city has everything one requires. Right from scenic properties to sporting adventure, you have them all. Skiing, hiking, golf, all types of games are available for you and your family members to enjoy at any time during the day. This beautiful city of Bethel was founded in the year 1855 by North Fair Field and is located 80 Kms. South-West of Hartford. The neighboring cities of Bethel are Brookfield, Danbury, Redding, Newtown flank and Hartford. One of the most famous places one should visit in this beautiful city is David W. Deakin Educational Park. There are 2 ski areas known as Mt. Abram and Sunday River. In the past, the city of Bethel was named Sudbury and it was later that the name was changed to Bethel.

There are plenty of tourist attractions which will leave mesmerizing memories in the minds of the visitors. They are Sunday River Ski Resort, Big Adventure Center, Grafton Notch State Park, Goose Eye Mountain etc. Bethel is considered to be a rare combination of forestry, farming, manufacturing, tourism and wood products. In the last 10 years, this city has become the home for many active professionals and retirees who have chosen to settle in this beautiful city as compared to the metropolitan cities.

The leading paper of Bethel is ‘The Bethel Citizen’. The nearest airport is known as ‘Bethel Regional Airport’. Over the last century, Bethel has experienced an unexpected influence from the outside world inspite of this town being very small in size. The number of people living in this city as per census taken in 2010 numbered 6,080 people.

City of Bethel, Maine – Full of thrill

Incase you are planning a holiday, visiting Bethel Maine can be one of the most memorable and exciting experience of a lifetime. This town is located in Oxford County, United States. The city of Bethel has everything which can be enjoyed by tourist’s right from adventure sports to beautiful scenic properties.

This city is known to be an ideal place for those who are interested in sports such as swimming, hiking, skiing, golfing etc. Apart from the different types of sports one can enjoy, the city is also famous for dining opportunities and other entertainment which can be enjoyed by both tourists as well as the local residents. This beautiful Bethel city was founded in the year 1855. Some of the places to visit when you are in Bethel city are Grafton Notch State Park, Sunday River Ski Resort, Goose Eye Mountain and Big Adventure Center. Grafton Notch State Park is a place where you will get a chance to view astonishing scenes of caves and waterfalls.

This place is most suited for kids as there are plenty of sports meant for children such as climbing walls, laser tag, video games, mini golf, water slides etc. There are many shopping malls within this beautiful city for you to enjoy shopping while on a tour. Plenty of Spa Services offer massages, manicure and facials all year through. There are also Spa Services that provide herbal wraps, aromatherapy where you can relax and enjoy a peaceful time away from the noisy traffic. This is a town which will never leave you empty handed. There are plenty of restaurants and pubs and even taverns where one can have a great dining experience. You can find plenty of options for accommodation such as resorts, hotels, condos, vacation rentals and timeshares. A trip to Bethel should definitely be considered when you plan your next vacation with your family members.

Visit Bethel, Maine for an adventurous tour

If you are a frequent traveler and wish to explore different countries of the world, why not make a visit to Bethel, Maine? This is a small town located in the United States with a population of hardly 2,400 people. You can get a lot more information relating to your trip with any Bethel tour operating companies within your area.

This town is said to be hidden between the mountains and is very popular among snowboarders and skiers who eagerly wait for the winter season to hit the slopes. There are plenty of ski resorts and there are many other activities to be enjoyed during your trip to Bethel all year through.

Some of the outdoor activities that can be enjoyed during your trip to Bethel are fishing and hunting trips, campgrounds, bicycle package tours through the mountains etc. The city is filled with plenty of ponds and lakes and is considered to be an ideal holiday spot for families. You can also get a chance to rent a canoe, kayaks and various other types of boats to enjoy.

When you visit Bethel, do not forget to visit ‘Big Adventure Center’, one of the largest indoor destinations in the world that offers various activities such as climbing walls, laser tag, mini golf, video games, water slides etc. With so many activities, there is no doubt that children apart from adults will enjoy each and every day stay in this beautiful city. To get the best deal, it is advised that you contact your nearest Bethel tour operators who can provide a very economical group package for you and your family members. Travelers are also advised to take health insurance cover during their travel overseas to avoid any untoward incident. The next time you plan your vacation, Bethel must surely be made a priority holiday destination.

Bethel Tour – The holy land of Bible

In case you are thinking of making a trip to the holy land of Israel, you must definitely not miss out on a Bethel Tour. This can be once in a lifetime experience not only for you but also your family members and friends with whom you have planned such a tour. It is always advised to do a group tour so that everybody is focused on the tour completely and at the same time you also get a chance to visit other travelers who might have come for the tour from different countries of the world. That is the reason why such tours must be conducted in groups. Every year there are hordes of travelers traveling to this holy land of Bible for different purposes such as holy reasons as well as discover the natural and historic beauty of this holy land. They say that touring Israel will help people follow the footpath of Christ. While planning to visit Israel in groups, it is advised to contact travel agents or tour agents who will not only provide you with the best group rates but also other facilities such as accommodation, sightseeing and even guides are provided to help the tourists get accustomed to the place.

Some of the holy places to visit during your trip to Israel which you must not fail visiting are Nazareth, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jerico. Apart from this, some of the other wonderful attractions while visiting Israel are The Temple Mount and the Western Wall of Jerusalem, The Garden Tomb, The Shepherd’s Field, The church of the Holy Sepulchre. Some other tourist places of visit are Masada, The Mount of Olives, Tel Aviv Jaffa, Mount Hermon, Judean Desert, Sea of Galilee, Muhraka, Caesarea etc.

It is advised to contact Bethel Tour Operators to get a detailed itinerary of your travel to this holy land of Israel.

Bethel Tour of Jerusalem

Bethal is known as the ‘House of God’ and is located in north of Jerusalem. The third bible land tours of Israel made everybody happy with new findings in Jerusalem and Nazareth in the year November, 2011. Throughout Israel, you will come across plenty of archaeological diggings. Some of the places to visit during Bethel Tour of Jerusalem are –

1- Herod Steps – This is a long series of stone steps built during the Roman period and begins from the Pool of Siloam. In fact, this Pool of Siloam was discovered in the recent past, since for many years the experts were emphasizing the wrong pool.

2- Gihon Spring – This appears to be four defensive towers of stone which were constructed thousands of years in the past. Today, many university students are digging and clearing the rubble. These towers actually protected the source of Jerusalem water.

3- Nazareth – There is this newly opened village known as Nazareth village. This village is a complete re-development of Nazareth, exactly the way it used to be around 2,000 years in the past.

4- Masada – Masada is an ancient palace located in the South of Israel. There have been a lot of changes that has taken place in this palace over the past one year. They have constructed new rooms, walkways have been made better, more shelter has been constructed to protect from the blazing sun etc.

There are so many places to visit when you plan your Bethel tour of Jerusalem, the capital city of Israel and this is one such tour which we must not miss out visiting and plan making such a tour with our family and friend at least once during a period of time. The tour will remind you of the life of the past ancient history of the medieval period. You can contact any Bethel Tour operators within your city for a package trip.

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