Frequenty asked questions by travelers planning to visit Bethel

Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions by those planning a tour to Bethel. Why choose Bethel as a tour destination? A town that can offer you all the comforts without any of the crowds, Bethel – offers world class recreation and amenities but the town is never too crowded. A great travel destination for those who wish to stay away from crowded tourist destinations. Bethel is a place where one can truly unwind and relax.
Where exactly is Bethel located? Bethel is a town in western Maine and is 70 miles away from the northwest region of Poland. How to get to Bethel? Most visitors visiting from nearby towns drive down in vehicles, driving to Bethel is not just the easiest but also the most convenient way. For others, who need to fly across, some of the convenient airports are Portland International Airport, Manchester New Hampshire Airport and Boston Logan International Airport.
Where to stay when in Bethel? One can choose to stay in the village of Bethel or nearby outside the village. The slope side, waterfront, mountain setting, snowmobile trail are some locations where one can choose to stay. What is the type of accommodation available to stay in Bethel? There are resorts, hotels, vacation rental houses/apartments, inns-that offer bed and breakfast, condos, cabins, hostels, dorms, campgrounds, slope side rentals, waterfront rentals etc. What can one do when in Bethel? Bethel serves as an all season destination where one can just laze and relax or choose to explore the adventure leisure activities that the town has to offer. Where can one experience the art and culture of Bethel? Bethel area offers a number of museums, art galleries, cultural organizations and a lot more where one can get a peak of the art, craft and culture of the town.

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